Mr. Plano dodge ball game

J. P. Salazar, Staff Writer

     On Feb. 3, 2012 student congress sponsored a dodge ball game where the Mr. Plano contestants played against faculty members in the gym. This game although, 30 minutes, resembled the rituals of the many football games. These rituals included a half time show, the singing of the national anthem, the fight song, and the alma mater. The Mr. Plano contestants won the three round dodge ball game with a score of 2-1

     About half of the bleachers were filled with students, parents, and faculty members for this event. At the entrance of the gym there was a table where donations were being collected for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. There were four buckets with the names of three Mr. Plano contestants on each bucket and those present were encouraged to donate for the cause as the team with the least donations would have to give up one member to shave his head.

     After the national anthem and the announcement of the teams the game began. Not all Mr. Plano contestants were present but among them were seniors Connor Peska, Kurt Doty, Sam Morrell, Connor Reed, Jordan Baird and Nick Kao. The faculty was represented by teachers, Randall Curry, Jeffrey Vines, Emily Garner, Kevin May, Gregory Shields, Jose Hurtado, Jason Barton and Chad Green.

     After the first round there was a half time Planoette performance that lasted about five minutes. During half time missing Mr. Plano contestant senior Edward Hunt arrived at the gym late, but Louis de Torcy was the only slated Mr. Plano contestant who didn’t show up.

     Shortly after the half time performance the second round began. In this round the faculty members quickly took out the Mr. Plano contestants, but the Mr. Plano team ultimately won the game as they defeated the opposing teachers in the third round.

     At the end of the game all participants of the dodge ball game held pinkies and swayed to the alma mater in a fashion similar to that of the audience members at the start of football games. The Mr. Plano contest is on Saturday Feb. 4 at 7:30p.m