Shut out for the volleyball team

Maddie Patton, Staff Writer

     On Tuesday, Oct 23 Plano played Allen in their final home game of the season. Before the game started, the senior players were recognized for their many achievements on and off the volleyball court. 

      The team started out strong, putting points on the scoreboard. The starters for the game were seniors Ally Birkett, Lauren Stahlman, Sam Seal and Audrey Landry and juniors Natalie Fazio and Kylie Long. Within the first few seconds of the game Landry’s powerful serves scored three points.  Plano’s defense was relentless against Allen; however, the home team allowed the opponents to score many times. With junior Sheila Kiley out with an injury, the team’s setting lineup was low. That did not stop Plano from scoring 25 points during the first period, leaving Allen two points behind.

     Right after the second period got started, Seal had a powerful hit that echoed throughout the gym, startling the opposing team. Both teams refused to back down during a back-and-forth volley that lasted several minutes. Allen continued to fight back, boosting their score to 17. The period ended in a Plano victory 25-to-17.

     Landry served the first ball of the last period. Plano quickly gained momentum toward the end of the game while Allen’s last serves barely made it across the court. Seniors Meagan Barry and Ellen Frawley entered the game during the last minutes of the game, helping the team bring up the score to 13. The game quickly came to a close after Birkett served, putting four points on the scoreboard. Plano beat Allen earlier in the season and in all three matches this week. The varsity team has won 12 games so far and has only lost two. The team will continue on the journey to playoffs and hopefully to state.