Hockey team defeated

Maddie Patton, Sports Columnist

The hockey team played their sixth game of the season Thursday, Nov. 1 at the Dr. Pepper Star Center Frisco Arena against Plano East. It has been an up and down season, and it’s looking more down after losing this week. 

The first period began and the players took to the ice to warm up. They seemed nervous and timid while Plano East’s attitude was over-confident. The starting players were sophomore Ricky Sobieski, juniors Logan Weinert, Zach Van Compernolle, Garrett Finn, Christian Berteau and seniors Luke Wodka and Andrew Meza. The puck was dropped and Plano immediately received control. However, the players got stuck down in East territory while two East players drove the puck down to shoot. The score at the end of the first period was 3 to 0 with East in the lead.

The opponent had control of the puck much of the game. Plano was obviously losing steam toward the end of the second period. Van Compernolle attempted to make a shot, but the goalie’s reflexes were on point and didn’t allow a single score for the visiting team.  East’s left defenseman shoved Van Compernolle, igniting a short-lived fight. Players were being shuffled in and out of the penalty boxes for slashing and violently checking other players into the boards. East’s goalie was caught off-guard when seniors Jonathon Barone and Graham Hinkle double-teamed to finally put Plano back on the scoreboard. The boys gained some momentum after they scored. Finn made several attempts to score, but he was deflected every time. Sobieski scored his first shot of the season, bringing the score to 2. The East fans shouted to the referees that Sobieski kicked the puck in, which was far from true. Their accusations were blown off and the game continued.

The third period was much more violent than the first two. Plano seemed to be more focused on checking the opponent into the boards than defending their goal and scoring. Neither team added points to the scoreboard. Plano coach Jeff Mewett opted to pull the goalie, Weinert. This strategy is used to end a tie or bring the score up during overtime. However, it was unsuccessful as the clock ran out, leaving Plano defeated.

There were about 11 people in the stands for Plano. Let’s get more fans out to the games to support the boys this season.

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