Aiming for Success: How to Stay on Top of Your Grades

Josh Spruchman, Staff Writer

“Review with your teacher any bad marks. I would get bad grades sometimes but would always try talking to my teacher after school because I have wrestling before school.” junior Charles Morris.

“If someone wasn’t doing well in their school work, they should go to tutorials. It doesn’t get any better than that. When I was in tenth grade my grades were not great. I started to go to tutorials and asking my friends for help.” junior Andrew Sutton.

“My parents set a standard of at least an 85 in my classes, or I can’t participate in wrestling. Last week I had a 70 in one of my classes, so I studied very hard and took a test and got an 88 which brought my grade up.” junior Michel Kubik.

“. When I was in ninth grade I had two weeks to get grades, up in some of my classes or I would fail. So I studied longer by myself and with a group of friends. I also watched less television.” junior Zakwan Hutchings

“When I get bad grades, I don’t cry about them much, but I would always try asking my sister for help or some other kids in my class. I remember once when I was in tenth grade I didn’t do too well in one of my classes. I felt really bad and my parents were mad at me, but I started to go to tutorials in the morning or after school and I started to understand the problem that I had with the grade.” junior Nate Habtemariam

“People need to take advantage of their planner. When I was in ninth grade I wasn’t doing all of my homework, but that is because I didn’t have a planner. When I bought a planner I started to write my homework that I needed to do in it and I wouldn’t forget my homework anymore. Planners aren’t even that much money.” junior Alex Hornaday