Hey Soul Sister: Meyer twins apply to college

Shezal Padani, Staff Writer

As the time for college applications rolls around, twin sisters Samantha Meyer and Melissa Meyer have already made the decision to apply early to Columbia University.

“Early decision at Columbia is binding, meaning if we got in, we would have to go there,” Melissa said. “This would be a problem for us because if one of us got in and the other didn’t then we wouldn’t want to go to that school because our top priority is to go together.”

Samantha believes it is unlikely for one twin to be accepted and not the other.

“We are pretty on par with our GPA’s and SAT’s,” Samantha said. “Our resumes stack up pretty evenly.”

However, the girls have already contemplated their decision if only one were to be accepted.

“We already spoke to the admissions people,” Melissa said. “They told us if only one got in we would be let out of that binding agreement.”

Columbia being an Ivy League university with an acceptance rate of only 10 percent is on the competitive side of the top universities. However, according to Melissa this should not be a problem with the help of her essay.

“Over the course of high school I have tried to build a resume that is competitive,” Melissa said. “There are plenty of other kids just as smart as me in terms of GPA and SAT’s but it is what I say in my application that makes me stand out as an individual.”

Melissa believes having control over leadership positions also allows her to help improve and build up her resume.

“I am an ambassador for the National Society of High School Scholars,” Melissa said.

This invitation only outside of school organization similar to NHS participates in large once a year service projects rather than smaller ones. Both Samantha and Melissa display values of leadership in this organization as well as several others in the areas of theatre and choir. Samantha and Melissa visitedColumbiaat the beginning of August with their family and two friends for a tour of the campus and an information session on the college application process.

“I visited over the summer, and I just had this feeling like it was perfect,” Samantha said. “It has all these columns, and the architecture is pretty. I love cities, and I really want to go to college in a city. It’s hard to find a city campus that still feels like a college campus.Columbia was really a great mix of rolling hills and big buildings, but then you look over and there is the Manhattan skyline. It’s all right there.”

Not only are the twins looking forward to the city-like environment, but they will have the time to reunite with family members as well.

“My grandma lives right outside there so I would have family around and it’s just the place I want to be,” Samantha said. “I could really see myself living there.”

Although they are attending the same school, the twins want to pursue separate careers and majors. Samantha is pursuing a career in psychology. She has previously taken AP Psychology and is currently taking Honors Sociology. Samantha wants to be a clinical psychologist and help treat and assess patients with mental illnesses.

“It’s a subject I find interesting every time I study it,” Samantha said. “I’m always really fascinated by it. I am good at science, but what I am most passionate about is humanities and people. Psychology is a mix of the two. It has to do with science but also deals with people and how they think.”

Melissa, on the other hand, wants to major in film and become a music supervisor, the person who chooses music for television shows.

“It’s in the entertainment industry,” Melissa said. “It’s competitive just like anything in that industry but it is probably a better bet than trying to be the next Steven Spielberg. I love music more than anything, and I noticed that when I watched TV, the sounds made up an important aspect of it that I was aware of.”

Melissa believes TV shows are an outlet for bands to get their music out there.

“Bands have had had a big impact in my life,” Melissa said. “I like the idea of just being able to give bands that exposure.”

According to Melissa, there is much more to it than incorporating pieces of music into visual media.

“You end up treating it as a commodity rather than an art,” Melissa said. “I want to be able to treat it as an art and use it to make a scene beautiful.”

In addition to wanting to major in film, Melissa is also looking forward to the classes available at Columbia.

“The university has small discussion based classes with about 12 people where you get to argue [about various topics depending on the discussion],” Melissa said. “I am kind of a nerd with those types of things and it really excites me.

The difference between early decision and regular decision has certainly influenced their experience with the college application process.

“It’s kind of a turn off because you have to get your stuff in quicker,” Samantha said. “It adds a little bit more pressure but you also get to know quicker. I just want to know if this is even an option. If it is not then I can move on and find other places, but if it is then I’m done.”

Despite their decision to apply early to Columbia University, the twins are also applying to UT Austin, New York University, and American University in Washington State, as well as the safety school of UTD.

“If you are applying for early decision the main thing you have to know is that that is your first choice,” Melissa said. “You have to be absolutely sure you want to go there.”

The girls have had previous experience with traveling long distances with their move to Dallas from Florida four years ago. This has contributed to their desire to travel far for college.

“I’m excited honestly,” Melissa said. “We have always wanted to go to school far away. The sadness hasn’t really hit yet. I am prepared for it and right now there’s a lot of excitement and anticipation.”