Cassis Show Night gives students a chance to shine

Shezal Padani, Staff Writer

     Cassis Show Night is now providing students the opportunity to display their hidden talents at Cassis Exotic Drinks and Tea. Started by senior Ekaterina Kouznetsova in order to bring awareness to the talent of the student body, Cassis Show Night began on Nov. 18 and its audience has only grown since. The next Show Night will be held in late March 23, and is anticipated by manager Tony Wang.

     “I am excited for every Show Night that is coming up,” Wang said. “I can listen to awesome music and see the awesome creations. A lot of students create their own music and those who are skilled at Photoshop showcase their art. Just standing on the side I learn a lot from them.”

     Show Night is not only beneficial to its bystanders, but its performers as well. According to senior Carl Wu, Cassis Show Night offers a very relaxing night to enjoy musical performances and to indulge in exotic drinks. Wu said it is also a great opportunity to find musical talent if you need some people to jam with.

     “Cassis Show Night broadened my perspective on performing,” Wu said. “It helped me realize the importance of being prepared. From a performer’s aspect, it’s important to learn that music can serve as more than just mere entertainment, but also as a way to meet new people and a way to lighten everyone’s mood.”

     Wu said that although the attention was not completely focused on him, playing his guitar on Show Night was enjoyable because it provided him a friendly atmosphere.

     “It’s like the background music of a movie,” Wu said. “Nobody really notices it in the moment, but without it, the whole mood can change. The atmosphere encouraged me to play and sing and gave me tons of freedom with regards to time and song choice. People really enjoyed the music and as a performer, there is no better feeling than that.”

     For Kouznetsova, organizing this event can be stressful at times due to last minute changes in scheduling because of people who cannot make it. She said it is like a puzzle, because the performance times of the various students need to fit together perfectly. However, when it is all said and done, Wang said that Show Night has always been a huge success.

     We have several different drink places in the Plano area but none of them have time for students to show their art or music,” Wang said. “We give students a place to hang out and a chance to do something different with their talent. Our fifth Show Night is going to be next month, but each time we have a Show Night I see more and more students.”

     Show Night is off to a great start according to Wang, and its performers as well as its audience hope for the tradition to continue in the near future.

     “I hope to continue attending Cassis Show Nights whenever my schedule allows,” Wu said. “such as atmosphere is hard to find anywhere else, and the people were very welcoming to me. Plus, the drinks are awesome.”

     Wang said he is happy to support Show Night not only because it provides customers but also because he said he enjoys making connections with the students.

     “I just try to let every customer walk in and then walk out smiling,” Wang said.