Big break

Practicing, working on overviews and auditioning are a few things that junior Ramiz Khan has done to become the co-host of a new television show. This show is directed towards teens and will air on the new channel Sky TV, which will air across Europe, Australia and America.

“The thing I fear the most is actually choking on television, like if I run out of things to say or something,” Khan said.

Khan said he had an upper hand in getting the job because the interviewer is a family friend.

“The audition was chill,” Khan said. “The guy that was interviewing knew me when I was little. So I guess that made it easier to get the part.”

Along with Shahnoor Ali, the show’s other host; Khan will introduce web videos and music videos from around the world.

“For the audition all I had to do was go down to the studio and they told me to pretend like I was in a talk show,” Khan said. “Me and my friend sat down and pretended to be co hosts and they told us that we were good and we could do it. We are kind of inspired by Tosh.O; we want it to be in a funny sort of way somewhat like The Daily show. Those shows inspired me. ”

For the past two weeks, Khan and Ali have been in the studio practicing their lines in front of the producers and waiting for the day when they will record their first episode, which will be released at the producer’s convenience

“We have been looking through an overview so we know what we are going to be talking about for the whole show, and I hope I will be good,” Khan said. “ It should be live, but I think they actually recorded some. We would talk about different casual things, but like at the same time we would be talking about world problems.”

The show will be dual language show speaking English and Urdu, a language spoken in Pakistan. As of now there won’t be any interviews just talking about things that are happening in America.

“The targeted audience is people outside the United States,” Khan said. “We are trying to give them a chance to see what it is like to be in America and how it is different.”

The producers are giving Khan and his co-host free will to pick out the videos and topics and talk about their own stuff.

“There is really not a lot of direction which is probably the best part about it,” Khan said. “They’re not really controlling us; we are doing what we want. It makes me feel more positive because it makes it more appealing since we get to pick everything.”

The show has not been recorded yet because Khan and the producers want to make sure they are prepared to make a good impression on the viewers.

“We don’t want to rush it because the first impression is the biggest, so if we have a first impression as a crappy show no one is going to want to watch it,” Khan said. “The vibe of the show will be young and youthful just energetic and more casual.”