Baking Club: What’s in the oven


The smell of fresh baked cookies wafts out the door of the Food Science room where students begin baking a variety of treats. This sets the picture for the newest club to hit the scene, Baking Club, led by President senior Celeste Boduch and Vice President senior Namrata Ahuja.

“Baking Club is where baking enthusiasts such as myself come together, hang out and learn new recipes,” Boduch said.

Inspired by her love for baking, Boduch created the club. Boduch has been baking since she was 9.

“I would spend time with my step mom and we would always bake together,” Boduch said. “We would talk about our experiences and grew closer together. Baking is a way for people to connect.”

She believes her love for baking increased during her time at Jasper High School, which is known for its academic rigor.

“I used baking as a stress reliever to escape from all of the drama of being a teenage girl,” Boduch said. “Baking is a big distraction because when you bake, you have a lot of time to think. So if I’m baking alone, I reflect on myself, my life, my situation and my problems and it gives me perspective on life.”

Over the summer, while Boduch and her friend Ahuja were hanging out, they came up with the idea to start Baking Club.

“Celeste and I actually talked about starting a baking club over the summer, and there was a lot of thought that went into it,” Ahuja said.

Boduch said that she had not realized how much work actually went into making a club and maintaining it.

“You actually have to spread the word and be organized and committed,”Boduch said. “There’s more than just showing up and expecting everything to run smoothly.”

Baking Club had their first baking meeting on Nov. 19. Eighteen people showed up to bake chocolate chip cookies. According to Boduch, the meeting was a success and they baked four dozen cookies.

Baking Club welcomes anyone with a passion for baking, and Boduch hopes the club will continue growing past her year.

“I hope people will be able to enjoy baking as much as I do and be able to share it with others,” Boduch said. “I want it to become a big part of the school.”