Words of wisdom: Seniors share favorite classes

Maggie Cross, Staff Writer & Featured Columnist

We asked seniors what classes they would recommend for the Class of 2016. Here’s a taste of the answers we got:

Christina Moen. Photo by Maggie Cross.

Christina Moen 

“I recommend you take Government, Economics, Health, all of those classes online over the summer because your senior year, you’re not going to want to do anything, and it’s just trouble.”

Kalifornia Bolter. Photo by Maggie Cross.

Kalifornia Bolter

“I’m in BC Calculus. I enjoy it, it’s kind of my pace. I also took anatomy, but if you want a really easy regs class, don’t take it. The amount of work you put into the class, it should be an honors. I wish I took psychology because it sounds really intriguing to me and would help me in college.”

Mariya Khalid. Photo by Maggie Cross.

Mariya Khalid 

“Juniors should definitely take AP Bio next year. I took regs biology as a freshman and it’s so much better. It’s very helpful if you’re going into the medical field. Out of AP Psych and AP Calc, it’s so much easier. You get above an 80 unless you’re extremely careless because of all of the daily grades.”

Brianna Boulanger. Photo by Maggie Cross.

Brianna Boulanger

“I’m in AP Stat, and I would recommend it for people who don’t take AP. It’s so much better than not taking a math. I wish I took Psychology because I might want to try that in college.”

Ming Hao

“I like Graphic Design. It’s easy and we draw on the computer. You get to do whatever you want.”

Anshu Bhattarai. Photo by Maggie Cross.

Anshu Bhattarai 

“In AP Psych you have to read a lot but it’s totally worth it. Mr. Brooks is the best teacher ever.”

Molly Glendinning. Photo by Maggie Cross.

Molly Glendinning 

“Honors English is less work and better for your GPA. Environmental Systems is a really easy credit. I actually really like it.”