Wildcats Lose First Home Game

Anastasia Dotson, Staff Writer

     The first pep rally of the school year was on Friday, September 9th leading up to the first home football game at 7 p.m. It got the boys hyped for the game against Arlington Bowie and showed the school’s support for the team.

     The game started off 7-7 and the teams kept going back and forth with each other. However, the Wildcats lost against Bowie 34-28 in the end.

     “This last game was different from the [previous] two because we felt more like a team even though we didn’t get the outcome we wanted,” junior Kavion Grady said. 

     It was a very intense game, but the boys stayed positive throughout.

     In the fourth quarter, it was tied 28-28 with eight seconds left on the board. One of the players suffered an intense injury while the other team scored the game-winning point. The player was transported to the hospital and is now recovering. 

     The Wildcats will take on the Plano East Panthers on September 23 at Clark Stadium.