Review: Music Corporation Presents SING 2012

Emma Barishman, Staff Writer

Thursday night the Dr. Doyle Dean Performing Arts Center was alive with the sound of 20 of the most talented voices in town. It was the first night of the 34th annual SING concert, where Music Corporation put on a moving, professional show.

Made up of 20 songs, the show embodied the feelings of family and fun that Music Corporation represents. Each student was introduced with an underscore of hard-driving music by the voice of choir director Derrick Brookins. Each student’s entrance to the stage was met with screams of admiration from the audience. And those screams were well-deserved.

Music Corporation has been working on their show for months. They produce a healthy, strong sound without a single strained or pushed voice. In the last week and a half, they have learned every single bit of choreography to the show.

Admittedly, there were a few shaky moments when members seemed about to make a misstep. But, keeping a smile on every face, the group worked through it and every person ended with the group.

After an instrumental intro by the eight-piece band and a few group singing numbers, choir president Nicole Dyson claimed the first solo. The song choice, “If I Ain’t Got You,” allowed her voice to melt purely through velvety smooth low notes.

Dyson’s solo was followed by what was probably the weakest number of the night, an arrangement of Stephen Sondheim’s “Children Will Listen.” Though staged simply, it seemed that the singers weren’t  sure of themselves on the lyrics and harmonies.

The men of Music Corporation followed up with a dynamic a capella rendition of the Rick Springfield classic “Jesse’s Girl.” Charming and each more handsome than the next, the men truly engaged the audience.

The show picked up with a soul-stirring solo by junior Madison Jones. Singing a veritable prayer, “People Get Ready,” Jones sang straight from her heart to Heaven.

Following that was an arrangement of Katy Perry’s “Firework” as sung on popular television show “Glee.” It was quickly followed by a fun, fast-paced pre-intermission number which ended with the company singing in the aisles.

Music Corporation returned from intermission “Too Hot to Samba” in changed costumes and ready to dance.

After an energetic number, senior Ann Macken took the stage with a beautiful, sweetly sung “Run to You.”

Then the women of Music Corporation gathered on stools at the front of the stage to sing “Killing Me Softly with his Song.” But despite the fact that the audience was there, it was clear that the women were singing for themselves, for their love of music. They sang to each other, drawing strength and support from each other’s faces.

After another “Glee” rendition, this time of Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are,” with solos by juniors Mitch Montgomery and Ricky Boyer, the group sang a simple tune titled “Autumn Leaves.” This calmed the mood, leaving the atmosphere perfect for the next tune.

Junior Chavis Hamilton was met with some giggles when the lights came up. He stood on stage with a white guitar, a microphone and a harmonica. But there was no laughter, just admiration and applause, when he was done singing “Everybody’s Blues” and accompanying himself.

Hamilton’s act was followed by the Music Corporation Reflections slideshow. It showed memories from the year as well as baby pictures of each of the members. It also included baby photos of directors Derrick Brookins and Doug Council. The directors were surprised to see them. Asked if they had known the photos were going in, both laughed and shook their heads in pleased embarrassment.

When the screen rose, Music Corporation was gathered behind in their tuxedos and cocktail dresses. They finished the show with three fun-filled numbers: “Family” from Dreamgirls, “Still the One” and “Proud Mary.”

Music Corporation finished their show to a standing ovation and cheers, a much deserved finish for the happy family of musicians.