12 Years a Slave review

12 Years a Slave was an extraordinary film that gave a strong insight on what life was like for slaves during the 1800’s. Academy Award nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor, who played the main character Solomon Northup, was phenomenal in the film.

This movie is a about an African American man named Solomon Northup who lived in New York City. He was born a free man, but was abducted in Washington D.C and forced into slavery. Solomon has no way of contacting his family or friends.

It is a very sad movie filled with violence and suspense. The New Orleans setting is perfect for the movie because it is in the Deep South, on a very big plantation. It gives the audience a good idea of what a plantation looked like, and the work that was done by the slaves there.

The plot of the movie gives you a sense of how unfair life was for African Americans, and how cruel many of the white men were during that time. Each event that occurs has a meaning to it, so you have to pay very close attention to everything that happens.

Benidict Cumberbatch, who played William Ford, had an important role at the beginning of the film. His role in the movie showed that not all slave owners were cruel, but grew up in an environment where slavery was considered okay. He helps the audience see what it was like to be a slave owner and the burdens they faced. Michael Fassbender, who played Epps, was also excellent. Epps is a very harsh and racist plantation owner that Solomon is forced to live under. Epps beats lots of his slaves and rapes many of the women. He treats the slaves like toys that he can use and dispose of. Epps is an unlikable character, but is essential to the movie because he shows the audience what typical slave owners were like.

Steve McQueen did a great job directing the movie and introducing each character in the film. He made sure the audience knew just what was going on at all times. Lupita Nyong’o played a female slave named Patsey, who belonged to Epps. Patsey’s character is put through many terrifying situations and is treated worst among the other slaves. She is silent throughout most of the movie, but her character is very important. Lupita Nyong’o did a very good job at showing her character’s emotional side during the movie.

Each actor throughout the film was great, whether their characters were supposed to be good or bad. The violent beatings through the movie are hard to watch, but it is important for you to see the agony and pain the slaves were put through each day. Overall, the film is very good, and can teach the audience a lot about that time period.