“The Walking Dead” starts strong


“The Walking Dead” airs Sundays at 8. Photo from Wikipedia.

Guts, glory and amazing effects are a part of all aspects of the new season of “The Walking Dead.” Sunday’s premiere was intense and exciting, full of new effects and stunts. “The Walking Dead” crew faced challenges against the men and women at terminus and the episode was nail biting as the trapped team planned escape.

This season started off with a bang as Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, and three other characters face a gruesome death from the people at terminus who are, in fact, cannibals who do trust anyone. The crew has a new beginning as trying to find a safe place to live — and hopefully stay living. The walkers are obviously a problem, but Rick is ready for them as he and his followers are faced with a new task. Dr. Eugene Porter, played by Josh McDermitt, believes that he can develop a cure and must make it to D.C. to do it.

The gruesome and gory effects presented in this new season are better and more realistic than any in the previous seasons. The ruthlessness and determination from both the walkers and the living is a beautiful combination. The main players in Rick’s crew fight as hard as they can to escape the so-called “sanctuary for all.” The uses of explosives, makeup, lighting and much more made this new season a great beginning to a new, epic tale.

The makers of “The Walking Dead” have done an amazing job with the introduction into the season, leaving fans with high expectations. This season is expected to be the most intense yet, full of gore and nail-biting moments. “The Walking Dead” airs every Sunday at 8.