Snowflakes in the stadium: Choir prepares for winter concert on Dec.12

As the temperature begins to drop and Christmas lights go up, the choir performs their sold out winter show. According to  junior varsity choir singer senior Rachael Nelson, this is a show that appeals to audiences of all ages.

“We go all out,” Nelson said. “There’s no gimmicks. It’s just us and our voices. We have dance numbers too.”

After the choir concert in October, the choir started learning their pieces for the winter show on Dec. 5 and 6 at 7:30 p.m. Varsity choir singer senior Ericka Redding believes that there was nothing but effort put into this show.

“We spent every rehearsal working on notes and choreography,” Redding said. “We are trying to ensure perfection. We put nothing but 100 percent passion and effort into this show.”

Senior Varsity singer Rachael Krayenhagen said there are many reasons to come to the show. Receiving apple cider and cookies during the intermission is one reason. The performance itself is the number one reason to come.

“This show has so many components,” Krayenhagen said. “We have the more classical portion of the show as the first act. Then the last act is our fun and most treasured act. We sing the classics while we have fake snow falling. It’s a show everyone should have the honor of seeing.”