Pushing up Daisies for the Ladies

Meaghan Pulliam, Staff Writer

     Reminiscing on childhood favorites such as Snow White and Cinderella, I wonder where the chivalry has gone in the world. The days when men would hold doors open, give jackets to their freezing dates, and kiss their hands in pleasure, are unfortunately behind us, ladies. As many of my guy friends say, “welcome to the world of equality”. Touché. However, discarding politeness as an entire entity from American society is pitiful.

     The other day, I was walking down the hallway to my next class and the lovely gentleman in front of me let the door slam in my face as we were leaving A Building. I could hardly believe it and now that I look back on recent experiences, I find that fewer and fewer people are holding doors open for others. In fact, when a person does hold the door open, they are praised as if they had just saved a baby from a burning building. I have been especially vigilant for people who hold doors open in recent months and I am sure to thank them adequately for their manners and revere for traditional values.

     I know to some I seem to be making a greater deal out of chivalry than I should be, however I believe that if we do not practice it amongst ourselves, how can we expect to have friends? With some light shed on the future that awaits us, it is not so pretty for some. Some may not like to hear it however; some sucking up is required in the real world to advance in one’s career and, politeness is part of the deal. Regardless of gender, politeness can give an employer a glimpse as to what kind of worker you are and what kind of work ethics you possess. Thus, the more politeness one shows, the better impression one makes on the potential employer.

     Politeness and chivalry are not restricted to men only. Ladies can have good social manners as well and leave a lasting impression on any people they come in contact with. Teenage psyche is generally focused on the here-and-now and the median train-of-thought is to ‘look out for number one’. Yes, I know that students are sick of hearing from teachers that they need to be thinking about college, career options, and the future in general. However, this is not bad advice at all. The most difficult part of taking this advice is constricting the teenage reflex to rebel against authority. For the wise few who heed this advice, doors will open. It is a logical piece of advice when thought about; if one shows respect for another, the likelihood of a relationship growing between the two is increased. Networking is key to gaining ground in a career field and politeness is an excellent way to gain a foothold in another’s mind.

     In addition to the future effects that chivalry can have on one’s life, it is the right thing to do. It is refreshing to see a person with traditional values and it should not be that way. Common courtesy should become common once more. As the old adage says, “do unto others as you would want done to you” and it should go without saying.