Top Summer Day Trips

Maelyn Schramm

Fossil Rim- For those of you who are animal lovers, Fossil Rim is your personal heaven on earth. Fossil Rim is a wildlife reserve that takes guests on tours around the park, showing different animals in their natural habits. Visitors are able to feed giraffes, pet deer and learn about lesser known animals. It is located in Glen Rose, just two hours away from Plano. Students can leave in the morning, grab lunch on the way, spend the afternoon at the park, and head back that night. At $20.95, this is not an inexpensive trip, but it is definitely worth it in the end. Visit for more information.

Barton Springs- If you are sitting at home surrounded by three fans on full blast and still sweating, then you should hop in the car and head over to Barton Springs in Austin. Even though it is almost a four hour drive, the natural spring will cool you down in a heartbeat…literally. This large spring has become a popular swimming spot over the years, overheated parents, children, and teenagers flock from all over the state to jump into the 68˚F water. With only a $2 entrance fee, it is hard to resist staying at home. Go to for more information.

Dallas Zoo & Dallas World Aquarium- These two attractions are just an hour away, and if you don’t feel like driving or spending gas money, you can take the DART train instead. Both places are great to learn about and see all different sorts of animals and marine life. The zoo is $12 and the aquarium is a pricey $20.95, however it’s still a great place to go to remain cool and have fun on a hot summer day. Visit and for more information.

Six Flags Over Texas- Do you like good food? Do you like that “stomach-dropping” feeling? Do you like screaming so loud that you lose your voice? If you so, then Six Flags is the place for you. It has all the thrill rides that you could ever ask for, not to mention you burn calories from walking around the park all day. You better start saving up, because a ticket alone is $54.99, not including parking, food, games, or gas money for the hour long drive. Go to for more information.

Turner Falls Park- Our only out of state attraction, Turner Falls is located in Oklahoma just under three hours away. It has waterfalls, caves, swimming areas, trails, and even a castle to explore; it is the perfect place for adventuring. This park is great for camping over night, or just hanging out at during the day. For only $12 a person, it’s a great place to go to for a road trip with a few friends. Visit for more information.