A Happy Medium: What Guys Shouldn’t Wear This Summer

Meaghan Pulliam, Staff Writer

     As a member of the teenage-girl race, I am aware of the certain expectations we have for ourselves. During the summer, three things are expected: 1. Short shorts to be worn on a daily basis. 2. Tank tops are the golden standard. 3. Be tan. Admittedly, these things are held to be attainable and easily met. However, I believe that there is a happy medium between the two poles; the two poles being torturing oneself by covering everything up and being almost naked in public. Of course, there is the strange third party style choices that evokes the “huh?” lip curl and squinty left eye.

     I remember last summer as I was driving to a friend’s house, I drove past a group of 8th grade girls walking back from CVS. Normal summer attire, save the monstrous, tall, furry, black Ugg boots they decided to sport in 104 degree weather. Strange? Yes.  Acceptable? No. Granted, they are eighth graders, and we all know we had a pretty skewed fashion sense back then, but still. Really? Lip curled, left eye squinted.

     Now, I can understand how some people can think that wearing short shorts and tank tops can be a bit skanky, but it does not mean that one must cover every inch of one’s body. There are other options such as moderate skirts that allow you to stay cool and short sleeve tees can be just as comfortable as tank tops. In addition, there is the classic standby old tee shirt and Nike shorts to fall back on – a breathable and sporty option.

     Finally, to those who believe it acceptable to wear booty shorts with a thong sticking out and a white spaghetti strap camisole with a bombshell push-up leopard print bra underneath, it is not that hot out, sweetheart; lip curled, left eye squinted.

     I understand that it is a bit toasty during the summer in Texas, however, it does not warrant a certain level of stripper-esque fashion to be worn. Try to find shorts that are a tad longer. I’m not saying go buy a floor length Amish skirt; I am only advising that a pair of shorts that cover all of the gluteus maximums would be a wise investment.

     I am aware that I may come off a bit motherly, but I am merely observing the world around me. Some people may not like the way I dress for the summer, but it is my right to dress the way that I want to and every girl should feel the same way regardless of my opinion. Just beware the reactions that may occur given certain wardrobe choices (i.e. lip curl, and squinted eye).