How to Make the Summer the Best It Can Be

Amber Robinson, Staff Writer

     Just like the stars of High School Musical, students are itching with anticipation as the school year comes to a close. With three whole months waiting to be filled, what are students going to do? Go to summer school? Tan? Hang out with friends? Work? Party? Relax by the pool? Sleep? The answer is simple: all of the above.

     There are so many different options, and such a short amount of time to complete all of their summer goals. Three months. 90 days. 2,160 hours. 129,600 minutes. 7,776,000 seconds. Students are expected to be able to cram every thing they can possibly imagine into this tiny time frame, and while some may already have their plans made, others are in need of some time managing help.

     That first week after school ends tends to be the time when people are at social peak. School has just ended, and people want nothing more than to make the best of it. This is a common mistake that students make. They attempt to cram everything they can into that week, resulting in. The best thing students can do is take that first week off. This gives them the chance to relax after all of their stressful exams and unwind. Take that first week to lie out by the pool, tan a little bit, maybe even read a book.

     It may not seem like too much fun, but spending the day relaxing by the pool really does make the day seem to stretch on for all eternity. And if anything, the chill days make up for fun days which always seem to end almost as soon as they begin.