Comparison Shopping

Whitney Fein, Staff Writer

     As the New Year rolls around, new clothes and styles are popping up everywhere. From boy’s jackets and flannel shirts, to scarves in every pattern and color you can think of, high-fashion clothing items are becoming easier and easier to find, at more affordable prices. You can get these high-fashion looks for expensive prices, or you can get a similar outfit for a much cheaper price. All you have to do is know where to look and shop for these inexpensive and affordable prices.


Photos by Whitney Fein


Expensive Boys Outfit #1: Express

$80.00 Jeans $148.00 Black Jacket $25.00 Red t-shirt

 Expensive Boys Outfit #2: Express
$80.00 Jeans $40.00 Tie $70.00 Silver Button Down  


 Inexpensive Boys Outfit #1: Pacsun
$39.50 Grey Jacket $39.50 Blue Plaid Shirt $39.50 Jeans


 Inexpensive Boys Outfit #2: Pacsun
 $29.50 Black Long sleeve $39.50 Green Jacket $39.50 Jeans  

Expensive Girls Outfit #1: Dillards

$299.00 Leather Jacket $199.00 Dress


 Inexpensive Girls Outfit #1: Wet Seal
$10.99 Butterfly Top $20.00 Jeans $15.50 Purple Cardigan $10.99 White Scarf

 Inexpensive Girls Outfit #1: Dillards

$40.00 Leather Jacket $29.99 Dress

 Expensive Girls Boots: Ugg Australia


Inexpensive Girls Boots: Wet Seal
50% off $10.00