To watch or not to watch?

Emma Barishman, Staff Writer

     People don’t have time to keep up with things on the same schedule the networks air programs. That’s why there are now a variety of ways to watch television.

       “When I turn the TV on, I just watch whatever’s on,” senior Sara Bynum said. “Sometimes it’s Disney, or Logo. Really just whatever I can find.”

     Bynum used to watch about two hours of television a day. Now that she is involved in more after-school activities, she says that she really only watches television on the weekends.

     “I love to watch Dexter on Sundays,” Bynum said. “That’s one of the only shows that I watch when it’s actually on.”

     One problem that people run into if they don’t watch shows immediately is the story being ruined by their friends.

     “I try to watch shows when they’re on,” senior Becca Netherton said. “Otherwise, someone talks about it on Facebook.”

     But when it comes to watching re-runs or watching shows she missed while busy, Netherton has another, popular alternative.

     “I love Netflix,” Netherton said. “I can pick where and when I want to watch it, even when I’m in my car or just in a different room. I can pick it up right where I left off.”

     There are advantages to watching television on Netflix. However, it is not the best option for everybody.

     “Netflix isn’t worth the money,” junior Troy Brobes said. “They only have old movies. If you want to watch newer movies, you have to pay extra fees.”

     Brobes prefers to watch television at his own convenience, but he does so on his computer or by recording it on his own television.

     “I don’t like to watch the commercials,” Brobes said. “So I watch it later so I can skip ahead. It means I can watch more shows in less time.”

Sometimes though, students choose to watch commercial-riddled television for simple reasons.

“I miss the funny commercials,” Netherton said. “Especially the silly new ones that come on during the Superbowl.”