“Songs for Japan” Review

Anna Vicars, Copy Editor

     The Songs for Japan album released on April 4 was a compilation of artists such as Rihanna, John Lennon, Lady Gaga, and U2. I completely support the idea of raising money and awareness for those affected by the earthquake/tsunami in Japan, but this album to me sounds like an everyday run-through of America’s Top 100. Nearly every song you can listen to while driving to and from work or school, is thrown on this CD. Songs such as Firework by Katy Perry, Only Girl by Rihanna, and Born This Way by Lady Gaga are just a few. Yes, there are some oldies such as Walk On by U2, Imagine by John Lennon, and Shelter from the Storm by Bob Dylan, but most of the tracks are ones that are completely overrated. Like Rebecca Black, I’m all for the cause, but when things are thrown together, they end up having poor quality. I honestly would have bought some of the songs on this album, but since they only allow you to purchase the entire album, I now have songs on my phone that I am currently deleting. The songs are all sung about disaster and moving on and never looking back, but all I think about when I listen to the songs is Japan’s devastation, which no doubt was the point, but nonetheless depressing beyond words. While the effort is admirable, I wouldn’t want to hear 40 songs on a CD that all reminded me of 9/11, just as much as the next person, so how is this any different?