Top 5 YouTube Videos

Paul Burnham, Staff Writer

5.) Charlie Bit My Finger- Released to the cyber world in 2007, Charlie Bit My Finger is nothing less than a YouTube classic. The clip features brothers Harry and Charlie, ages three and one, sitting on the couch with younger brother Charlie on Harry’s lap. Unexpectedly, Charlie nibbles on Harry’s finger which prompts Harry to start screaming “CHARLIE BIT MY FINGER!!” which, in his congenial 3-yearold British accent comes out as “CHAHLEE BIT MAH FINGUH!!” Without a doubt, this clip will be the most precious 56 seconds of your day.

4.) 7 Year old Raps Somebody to Love– Justin Beiber fans, hold your high pitched squeals in. The teenage heart throb has finally met his match. Seven year old rapper, “MattyB” released this video last summer as a rap cover to Justin Bieber and Ushers single “Somebody to Love” and gained success through blogger Perez Hilton’s website. Matthew Barrett has a combined count of over 30 million views and with attention from artists such as Ke$ha and Dr. Dre, Matty B has a promising career given his flippy blonde hair and missing front teeth keep him on the YouTube scene.

3.) Twin baby boys have a conversation- While adorable is one word you could use to describe 18 month old twins Sam and Ren, amusing may fit it better. Originally posted to their mom’s blog where she posts a daily journal on raising twin boys. Standing in their kitchen clad in nothing but their diapers, Sam and Ren argue for almost three minutes making absolutely no sense whatsoever. Speaking only in baby babble, the boys use hand motions and several very serious faces, creating a video that is guaranteed to bring a smile to even the most sour face.

2.) David After Dentist- In May of 2008, after a simple tooth extraction at his dentist’s office, 7-year-old David DeVore Jr. had no idea the amount of attention he was about to receive. While riding home from the dentist, DeVore’s father decided to videotape his son’s first surgical experience for his mother who could not be there. DeVore, still feeling the affects of anesthesia is clearly delusional and persistently asks his father questions such as “Is this real life?” and “Is this going to be forever?” Humorous as it may be, his father uploaded it to YouTube for the enjoyment of his friends and family but woke up three days later with over 4.5 million hits. Talk about overnight success.

1.) Born This Way (Cover)- without question, Lady Gaga is the most covered artist on YouTube. With over three million different versions of her songs floating around on the website, the chances of one becoming viral are slim to none. However on February 16, merely 48 hours after the release of Lady Gaga’s number one record, Born This Way, 10 year old Maria Aragon posted a cover on her channel, gaining the attention of Lady Gaga who then re-tweeted it. Within days, the video reached an astonishing 26 million views landing her a radio interview and a phone call with Gaga herself. Three weeks later after the return of her Monster Ball Tour, Aragon had the opportunity to perform live on stage with Gaga in Ontario. Hands down, this is without a doubt my favorite YouTube videos because it shows a side of music that more people should appreciate- the kind that has no fancy lighting or recording studios, but rather an uncut, raw artist showing their talent.