“Hold On ‘Til The Night” review

Hold On ‘Til The Night review

Amber Robinson, Business Manager

     Greyson Chance got his big break on the Ellen DeGeneres Show nearly eight months ago after his “Paparazzi” cover was seen by the television show host on YouTube. Since then, he has produced his own CD, “Hold On ‘Til The Night,” and has become the new teen heart-throb of every little girl in the country.

     Chance has the vocal range of a performer twice his age and the musical talent of a miniature Beethoven. He has never had vocal or piano lessons, and he still has more musical talent than the majority of other artists in today’s music industry.

     His songs span from relaxed to sweet to toe-tapping to “oh my gosh, you’re so adorable I just want to squeeze your face.” The first couple of songs on the album sounded a lot like Christina Aguilera. In his song “Cheyenne,” Chance can be heard belting out lyrics with an intensity that is rarely heard in someone so young. This baby-faced boy barely looks a day over 10, and yet he has so much talent that he could easily be a 30-year-old woman.

     What’s strange about Chance’s album is he sings about serious relationships with girls. No 14-year-old has had a serious enough relationship to the point where they could try and relate to other people’s relationships, much less sing about them. It’s just that they’re not something that he should be singing about. Singing about a crush would be one thing, but a 14-year-old doesn’t know what true love is.

     “Stranded” is the one exception to Chance’s continuous theme of relationships and focuses on a crush. Not only is this song much more fitting for him to sing, but it also has lyrics that aren’t superficial.

     All in all, “Hold On ‘Til The Night” is an album with songs that most would agree are catchy, even if they are a little cheesy.