Lana Del Rey concert review

Lana Del Rey was everything expected. Her concert was a blend of her simplistic yet elegant taste, brought together by her raw voice and natural authenticity.

With no opening act, she appeared on a stage designed like an enchanted forest. She made her way through the twisted trees shortly after 8:30 p.m. wearing a short red long-sleeved spring dress tied together with a thick weaved brown waist belt, showing off her slim figure to perfection. The 27-year-old singer opened with her song “Cola.”

Throughout the night, the audience kept growing more audible as they sang along to their favorites, peaking as Del Rey sang the platinum-certified singles “Young and Beautiful” and “Summertime Sadness.”

Del Rey performed the first half of her brand new single “West Coast,” which is the first single from the beautiful singer’s forthcoming second album “Ultraviolence,” dropping in stores soon.

After a long, brutal winter, it was 80 degrees and sunny in North Texas, but nothing felt as warm as Del Rey’s signature vocals in “West Coast.” There were tears, and the constant scream of people belting the single that was just released last week.

Del Rey has steadfastly avoided the typical rigor of promotion, such as interviews and radio show appearances, and just one of her songs, a remix at that, has managed to crack the Top 10 on iTunes. Considering this, the singer strings along a pack of dedicated fans.

In the middle of the 75-minute set, Del Rey slowed things down with a jazzy version of her song “Million Dollar Man.” The audience still belted the chorus “One for the money, two for the show,” a reference to Elvis Presley’s “Blue Suede Shoes.”  Del Rey’s elegant voice, though occasionally fiery, always deeply moved the audience.

Beyond the music, Del Rey seemed to be enjoying every moment she was on stage, feeding off the audience’s energy as she touched many hands and took many pictures with fans. The concert finished with a bang as she sang “National Anthem.” The stage lit up with blue lights, turning the enchanted forest into a mystical heaven.

Del Rey typically does not tour in America, but even if she does not come back to the states again, you may find me booking a flight to Europe to see her perform once again.