Plano’s “Dark Hour Haunted House” perfect for thrill-seekers

Voodoo, witches and thousand of screams. Dark Hour, the new haunted house in town, is ready to scare anyone daring to enter. This is not an everyday haunted house — its the fantasy haunt of a lifetime that will not only scare the pants off of anyone who enters, but will also leave many nightmares to take home.

This 30-40 minute haunting walk-through is full of scary moments as the actors, otherwise know as “haunters,” follow, creep and jump out at guests at millions of unexpected times. The 30,000 square ft. facility is full of secret doors and passageways that turn this haunt into an amazing experience. This year-round haunt changes 8 times a year, making Dark Hour truly unique.

The work that went into this haunt is apparent. The creators of this haunt strive for nothing but the best in their lighting, automation, stunts — everything. Not only is Dark Hour an amazing set up, the haunters get a thrill out of scaring people, which only adds to the overall scary experience.

Dark Hour offers great deals and is located off Highway 75 and Plano Pkwy. They are looking for new haunters with acting experience to improve their show as much as possible. Dark Hour is more original than any other haunt because the actors and owners are all truly passionate about scaring the life out of people. It started out of the home of Lucy Moore when she went all out in “haunting” her own home and is locally owned.

Dark Hour is full of frights. The overall haunting experience will pleasantly surprise most, making the Dark Hour haunt something to die for. For any thrill-seekers looking for a good time, this is extremely unforgettable.