Homecoming King Nominee: Kurt Doty

Paul Burnham, Staff Writer

Q: Were you surprised to find out that you had been nominated for Homecoming Court?
I was surprised because band said that they weren’t going to nominate anyone because we have UIL that day and they didn’t want to put and pressure on anyone running for homecoming court. But they’ve since changed the time and they wound up nominating me.

Q: How did you find out that you had been nominated?
They came into my fourth period and said that they had an announcement for us. It was really unexpected.

Q: What are your feelings towards your nominations?
Deep feelings. I’m really excited it’s going to be a lot fun. I feel that it’s kind of an honor not just from Plano but to think that my peers think that highly of me is really neat.

Q: Who is going to walk you across the field?
My mom is. I’m pretty excited for that as well!

Q: Will The Prev be making an appearance in the parade this year?
I would love to drive The Prev in the parade but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to! I think that would be amazing- it doesn’t have a sun roof but I can definitely make one.

Editor’s Note: “The Prev” is the Toyota Previa driven by Kurt Doty. It is well known amongst members of the band.