Homecoming Princess Nominee: Tanner Davis

Miles Hutson, Staff Writer

Q:How did you feel when you were nominated?
A: I was excited, I’m so happy, and just to get to experience the whole thing is pretty exciting.

Q: What do you want to get out of your homecoming experience?
A: Ultimately, I just wanna have fun and kinda take it all in because it was kind of unexpected honestly, when it all came about.

Q: Why was it unexpected?
A: Well I’m in Student Congress and I like worked the nominations for king and queen and junior attendant and I was really like, I knew Catherine would be in it. That was for a fact, I saw my name in there a couple of times but I didn’t think much of it and then I got my nice little crown and sign to walk around in all day!

Q: What do you like about PSHS?
A: I just like if you walk outside during the passing period, you see such a huge variety of people that ultimately come together as a family and as a whole.

Q: Are your friends celebrating with you in any way?
A: Congratulations in the hallways high-fives “Way to go!”