Homecoming Queen Nominee: Emily Lin

Yeesoo Lee, Staff Writer

Q: Did you have any expectations to be nominated as Queen?
A: Both my parents had high expectations of me, and they constantly asked me about it everyday. It has been my dream since third grade to be Homecoming Queen.

Q: Do you have any friends that you are running against in Homecoming Court?
A: I know Laura Gammon from being a Student Congress officer from last year and she is such a sweetie. But no, nobody close. I guess that’s a good thing.

Q: Last year, Bola Ibidapo was voted Homecoming Queen. Do you think you can fill her shoes?
A: I’ll decide once I find her and ask to try her shoes on. I do believe I can fill her shoes! Last year she held a high position in choir. And this year as color guard captain, I hold a very important position in band. She was very down to earth and friendly to everybody. I don’t have one group of friends that I spend all my time with. I’m friends with a lot of people from different cliques around the school.

Q: Being Homecoming Queen is huge and is somewhat of a responsibility to represent Plano Senior’s girls. How do you think you could do so?
A: I’ve never believed Homecoming Queen should be reserved for the most popular girl in school, but rather given to a girl who really deserves the position such as being involved in the school and who truly loves the school. I am already representing many groups and clubs in Plano such as marching band, Student Congress, the brand new Key club, and NHS. They’re very time consuming but I love doing them nonetheless. As I said before, I have friends from all around Plano, not just one group. I am a very inclusive person and always embrace any chance to make a new friend, I love entertaining people…it’s who I am!