Fall Into New York City Chic

Kathy Santiago, Staff Writer

From the pounding steps of dominance to the bright lights on the runway, fashion designer teacher Bonnie Turnbo will introduce the “City Chic” fashion show on November 16 held in the Cafeteria at 7 o’clock noon.

“I want the classmates to understand the power of my students work,” Turnbo said. “The designers work hard to put the garments out there and to show their classmates what fashion can truly be.”

For the fashion show, auctioning the garments is one priority Turnbo and her designers want to accomplish.

“Buying the garment can be troublesome because the outfit is made to fit the model,” Turnbo said. “There is only one size of that particular garment and the designers really don’t have time to custom make the outfit.”

Each designer has to present at least two garments and there all working from the same pattern and redesigning in their own style.

“None are remotely alike,” Turnbo said. “Their second garment can be whatever they want it to be.”

“Our fashion show contains very strong designers that are talented people,” Turnbo said. “It is a process that has a lot of trial and error and takes a range of knowledge from sketching, to sewing, and to understanding the body. It’s a lot of work for a show that may not last for 30 minutes.”

Each designer can select any student to be a model. During class, the designers explain to their models what they need to help prepare them for the runway.

“Getting all the models in the cafeteria at one time plus the designers can be a logistical nightmare,” Turnbo said.   “During third and fourth periods, the designers are deeply into getting ready and having their models prepared.”

In the designing room, plastered dolls were placed by sewing machines’ with needles’ pierced through the rough material. Behind one of the dolls was senior Jocelyn Villela who was measuring pieces of lace to the top of floral pattern dress.

“I love this fabric,” Villela said. “I always admired the Chinese culture and the way the put pieces of different styles of fabric together.

Villela has been working on her dress for a week and her design plans are to mimic the style of Chinese art with the modern day party dress. The scarlet color of the dress with the gold floral patterns brought out the smooth texture of the dress.

“I can’t wait till this dress is done,” Villela said. “I’m almost done with hemming the bottom half.”

To the left side of the room was a blouse with golden brush strokes and a hint of black straight lines. The length of the blouse hit the tips of the hips and the texture resembled smooth polyester.

“I made this shirt for myself to wear to the fashion show,” Ridha Ahmad said. “I want to look presentable for the show and I can’t wait.”