Win for the Volleyball team: First district game against Creekview


Maddie Patton, Sports Columnist

The crowd roared. The players ran across the court as each was announced. As the home team warmed up, their opponents stared across the court, sizing up their competition.  This year’s volleyball season began when they played Creekview on Sept. 4. The season has started out to be very successful with three wins and no losses, and I hope they continue this impressive record.

They did a great job staying ahead and defending their court during the first period. During the second period their opponents got ahead by 10 points. Luckily, the girls won during the last period by refocusing on the plays and less on the score. Throughout the game, the team showcased their power and control of the ball. The other team’s weak defense made them look juvenile in comparison. The girls blocked almost every hit the other team had, and impressed me with their quickness and focus during the entire game.

I noticed that the starting players stayed in pretty much the whole game. The players used did a great job, but they could have beaten Creekview by a landslide if they had let their entire lineup play.  Senior Madison Morrell, a veteran member of the team, is one of our star players with her powerful serves and hits. She is definitely one to watch. I can see why junior Kylie Long is on varsity. The 6-foot-tall outside hitter can jump higher than anyone I’ve ever seen. Her hits could terrify anyone on the opposing side. This  team has some great talent, and it looks like they could go very far.

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2012 Season Varsity Schedule:

9/18 @ Marcus 6:30

9/21 @ HOME vs Mckinney 7:00

9/25 @ HOME 7:00 vs Mckinney Boyd– teacher appreciation

9/28 @ East 6:00

10/2 @ HOME vs West 7:00 – Pink out

10/5 @ Allen 6:00

10/9 @ Mckinney 7:00

10/12 @ Mckinney Boyd 7:00

10/16 @ HOME 7:00 – feeder school night

10/19 @ West 5:00 – homecoming

10/23 @ HOME 7:00 – senior night