Close-up on Ekaterina Kouznetsova

Emma Barishman, Staff Writer

     For Senior Ekaterina Kouznetsova, photography is more than just a hobby; it’s a passion.

     “Four years ago, I started doing culture photography while I was traveling,” Kouznetsova said. “When I got home, I continued with photo sessions and photo shoots with people.”

     Now, Kouznetsova is making a career out of what was once just a hobby. Her photography business has been thriving. Kouznetsova’s weekends are often booked solid in the spring, when people want senior portraits and photo shoots.

     “I have weekends when I wake up at five or six in the morning,” Kouznetsova said. “And then the people want the photos the next day, edited and everything. It’s crazy!”

     Kouznetsova is hoping to attend NYU for college.

     “I want to double major in marketing and photography,” Kouznetsova said. “They go together so well. I’d also like to minor in art history. NYU has the big city and so many internship and career opportunities. It’s just perfect.”

     Kouznetsova has done some modeling work of her own but she prefers to call the shots.

     “Being in front of the camera is fun, but being behind the camera, you get to have more of a say in the vision,” she said. “When I do a shoot, I know what I want from my models; I want them to recreate my vision. I have trouble finding models because I have a very set idea of what I want and sometimes I can’t find that exact personality to fit it.”

     Sometimes Kouznetsova’s vision doesn’t involve people. But she says that nature photos and photo shoots have their differences.

     “In nature there are so many variables, lighting and condition and weather, but it’s universally beautiful,” she said. “In a photo shoot you can control everything, but everyone has different views on human beauty.”

     It’s the differences in the types of shoots, the chances for variation, which make photography interesting to Kouznetsova.

     “I am constantly questioning myself,” she said. “I can’t decide which my favorite type of photography is.”

     Her successes mean that Kouznetsova can expand and make her photography better. Her website,, boasts some of her work.

     “I don’t have a car,” Kouznetsova said. “Instead of buying one, I bought a $1,500 lens for my camera.”

     Kouznetsova has some advice for people who want to follow her example and pick up photography as a hobby or career option.

     “Try to really think about what your view is and the frames you do more often,” she said. “But also look at great masters and learn from the best.”