Fashion and popcorn


Erin Ball, Staff Writer

     The advanced fashion design class is currently holding its biggest fundraiser of the year. The students are trying to raise money in order to pay for class field trips as well as new materials and fabrics for their more costly projects. They are selling popcorn, in an array of different flavors and varieties.

     The class is selling 7 different types of popcorn. The white cheddar flavor is their most popular.

     “It all depends on whether you like salty or sweet,” senior Amy Ulloa said. “I bought a lot of the vanilla flavor because I think it’s the sweetest one.”

     They have already raised enough money to pay for their group field trip to New York this upcoming February to visit Parson’s School of Design.

     “It’s going to be a really educational trip,” Ulloa said. “We all want to see the different museums on fashion. I know there is one museum where they teach you how to make jewelry too. It will be really exciting to see and experience New York together.”

     Every year, the class tries to raise enough money to take a trip within the U.S. that will be both educational and entertaining.

     “Not every class does as well as this year’s fundraisers,” fashion design teacher Bonnie Turnbo said. “The girls have been really proactive and dedicated to raising the money we need to explore some of the country’s greatest fashion centers.”

     The students also have enough money left over to take other, smaller class field trips such as visiting the Golden D’or Fabric Store located on Harry Hines Boulevard in Dallas.

     “Since we already paid for the trip, now we just need money to pay for our class,” Ulloa said. “We want new fabrics to work with, so that’s what we’ll be getting next week when we go. We like to use new materials all year.”

     Despite the fundraisers initial success, popcorn sales have recently declined.

     “So far we’ve made a lot of money, but I think people are forgetting about us,” Ulloa said. “Lately people haven’t really been buying that much popcorn. I guess it’s old news, but we’re not stopping there.”

     Popcorn sales don’t end for another 3 months.

     “We are working to get rid of all the stuff that we have left,” senior Mary Walton said. “We want to sell as much as possible in the next few weeks, to finish out strongly.”    

     “We still have a lot of boxes left, and we’re trying to finish selling all that,” Ulloa said. “We can always get more of whatever the customer wants. We have something for everybody.”