Homecoming King nominee: Steve Thotakat

Brooke Combs, Staff Writer

Q: Did you ask people to nominate you?

A: No, at first I wasn’t planning on going to homecoming to save money on prom. But then my friend told me she was going to nominate me for homecoming and then more and more people kept telling me they were going to nominate me so I was like, “If I get nominated, then I get nominated, if I don’t, it’s alright.”

Q: Do you want to run?

A: After my friend gave me the idea on in my head, I thought it would be amazing to win homecoming king. So now I guess I could say that yes, I would like to run.

Q: Do you think you have a lot of competition?

A: I think each person has kind of their own specialty and each person is centered in different things. Everyone’s from different areas of the school so I can’t say what my competition is like.

Q: Are any of your friends nominated as well?

A: Yes, there’s actually one other pal, Billy Quach, so it’s kind of funny that were both in pals and both nominated. When we walked into pals with our crowns and our little tag that said “Homecoming Court for 2012” all the pals were like “Whoa, we have two.”

Q: What is your favorite part about homecoming?

A: It’s a night to be classy with all your friends.