Facebook Fasting

Madeline Patton, Staff Writer

Could it be possible to simply “unplug” from Facebook? This is a challenge I was willing to test. My task is one whole month offline. Hopefully I will survive; hopefully a catastrophic event will not happen.

Day 1:

     Saturday; my first day off Facebook was, surprisingly, not too terrible. I was out and about all day and I the thought of updating my status or commenting on someone’s picture never crossed my mind. I’m optimistic that the duration of this fast will go smoothly.

Day 2:

     Today was good at first as far as actually getting on Facebook, but the temptation of just getting on and looming around on the sight was slightly overwhelming. I decided to lock up my computer to deflect my need for a distraction from homework. Wish me luck!

Day 3:

      You cannot even imagine how badly I wanted to get on to check my notifications. But I resisted the urge and chose to take the high road. I decided to study. Eventually, I had forgotten all about Facebook. I’ve taken to twitter to mindlessly express my random thoughts. It definitely will not be the same ad my beloved Facebook…

     Day 4:

      I’m glad I was not home until 10:30 at night today. I did not have a chance to even get on my computer. But it is hard when I’m sitting in class with nothing to do (normally I’d get on Facebook)  It is really no fun.

Day 5:

     After another long and busy day, I haven’t thought about Facebook at all. I’ve come to the conclusion that it takes up way too much of my time. When I’m sitting somewhere, bored, I would get on. This empty existence is a lot of my day. I’ve decided it is a huge waste.

Day 6:

     Today was difficult because it was my friend’s birthday and I couldn’t write on her wall. She is in college, so I miss her and Facebook is our only communication, which is terrible. Again, at school, when I had nothing to do, it got so challenging, so I decided to read. I’ve found since I’m focused on homework rather than the internet, my grades have gotten a little better.

Day 7:

     Today was great! I was gone all day with no computer or cell service! Sure was better than yesterday.

Day 8:

     You couldn’t even believe how much I craved getting on Facebook to rave about the Cowboys’ miraculous win, but sadly, I had to keep my excitement to myself.

Day 9:

     Today was not bad seeing as I have tests in every class to study for. That doesn’t require access to the internet, so the temptation to log on didn’t hurt me.

Day 10:

     I resisted the urge to get on Facebook today after a long argument with a friend over text when she decided to send me a message on Facebook instead. I decided that the conversation was over when I didn’t reply to any messages she sent. This is not fun anymore…

Day 11

     Well today was the first episode of Glee, and since I cannot get on Facebook, I failed to see that it started until 45 minutes into the episode. Fail on my part.

Day 12:

     I had no trouble not being on Facebook today. I have gotten over not being able to communicate with the outside world, but I am so happy I am almost half way done with this project.

Day 13:

     My feelings about this assignment are like a rollercoaster. One day I will have completely forgotten about Facebook and the next I will be miserable without it. Today, I went home sick and wanted to get on and, for some reason, announce to the world that I am at home sick. It is truly dreadful.

Day 14:

     I wanted so badly to get on Facebook today and cheer on the football team, but again, I had to keep my excitement to myself. Unfortunately, the Wildcats were defeated by Allen today. I was devastated… I guess. Everything was going well until this evening before the game. Hopefully, this weekend will be temptation free.