An addiction that controlled the mind

Kathy Santiago, Featured Columnist

     “That’s so cute! I wish someone could sweep me up in their arms just like Beni- chan.”

     I leaned on the edge of my chair swinging my hips; hands clasped together against the side of my face with my head cocked to the left, cooing. Instantly, I looked in the corner of my right eye and minimized the page and pretended to search for something important. I steadily watched as my mom walked down the stairs not noticing what I did. I re-opened the page and cooed all over again.

     “Oh Kagetora, it was a misunderstanding, don’t walk away mad! No! Beni-Chan, you’re an idiot,” I growled frustrated with both hands clenching the top of my head yanking it back; leaning against the chair.

     Without realizing, I stared upside down eye to eye with my older brother looking down at me with a confused look. He raised one eyebrow in that awkward arch. I was dumbfounded and didn’t know what to do.

     “What that heck are you doing?” He stared looking for the answer.

     I jumped and pressed my back against the computer with my arms straight out, looking like I just dodged a train.

     “What’s with you? You need to stop over reacting. Besides, you’ve been on the computer for eight hours straight. I haven’t seen you get up once.”

     He covered his face with his right hand and looked down in shame. It was true though.  Even if I had to use the bathroom, I held it until it went away. I slowly let my arms drop and I felt my spine unravel as I relaxed. I plopped down on the chair and continued to read. I felt an arm grasped my chair and spin me to face him. He grabbed my shoulders and stared at me. His hazel eyes pierced deep into my pupils only letting me see the sight of him; I looked away.

     “You need to get off the chair and go outside. This anime stuff has affected your mind. You look zombie fied starring at the screen.”

     He pleaded with those hazel eyes to go outside, but I just couldn’t leave the chapter un-finished. I had 10 more to go. What will happen to Kagetora? I tried to reach for the mouse, but he unplugged the computer. The screens color diminished from its bright lights to the blankness of my face.

     “Wait, what are you doing? I didn’t even save it!” I yelled trying to reach eye level, even though I’m up to his chin.

     He grabbed my arm and dragged me downstairs.  I realized what he was trying to do. I latched onto the stairwell railing and tried to hold on.

     “You’re going outside now,” he said through gritted teeth.

     “Let me go!”

     His muscles puffed out into firm sections making his veins twitch. I felt my legs lift off the ground as he pulled both my ankles. My body went cold. Something wasn’t right, even my brother stopped pulling. We looked out the window and the boy next door was gawking at us.

     “Jacob,” I whispered feeling my cheeks heat up.

     He stood in front of my window about ten feet away and stared at me while the world waited for gravity to switch back on. Jacob was tall, over six feet at least and powerfully built, although his muscles were long and lean instead of bulky. He had short, blonde hair and a peachy summer tan that brought out his swimming-pool blue eyes. He wore only swim trunks and held a Frisbee. He backed up from the house slowly as if he stumbled upon a dead body and walked away.

     “Wow, what a beautiful sight,” I sighed forgetting the situation I was in.

     With one movement, Robert jerked my legs back makings my hands slip off the stairwell landing elbow first on the tile floor. The pain jolted from my funny bone to the tips of my fingers. He dragged me outside to the porch, ran back inside, and locked the door. I lie on the cement and stared at the door.

     “Why did he leave me outside like this,” I grunted looking up at the door.

     “Maybe, if I call Thomas to unlock the door I could sneak back in without Robert knowing and finish with the chapters.”

     I slapped my forehead for thinking of such a stupid idea. I couldn’t get it out of my mind; it’s all I ever thought about. The way the characters’ feeling come to life and their experience is so realistic, even though none of the stories can actually happen, got me hooked. I don’t ever get tired reading anime. All night I watched anime from 2 a.m to 6 o’clock in the morning yesterday in my bedroom.

     “I read 16 hours of anime and didn’t even feel tired!?”

     My body felt rigid from the thought of so many hours. I heard the door creak open and my brother peaked out holding a broom just in case I try to get in.

     “Relax Robert; I’m going for a walk. I need to clear my head for a bit,” I looked down just realizing how much time I wasted of my youth.

     I looked to see a smile come across his face making dimples on the corner of his cheeks. He hit me with the broom stick lightly.

     “Good, you need the exercise anyway.”