A chance for everyone

Kathy Santiago, Columnist

     My head shot to the right. The sound of the doorbell felt like the world froze in place and the main focus was the white wooden door leading to the perpetrator outside. I steadily walked towards the door as I felt the thin line of tension between the doorknob and my hand grew bigger.  I unlocked the door and first to come in was my mom, Robert, dad, and there she was, Katie my brother’s girlfriend. Her straight blonde hair hit the tip of her rounded shoulders as her hair clip captured the crystal blue in her eyes. She was tall and a bit on the heavy side.

     “Hi! It’s so nice to finally meet you,” Katie said as she hugged me tight.

     My body turned rigid as I felt her arms clasped around my shoulders. I locked the door and steadily watched as she examined our living room as if entering into a museum. She abruptly turned and took out a container.

     “I made brownies!”

     I was surprised of how loud she was. I grabbed the container and placed it on the dining table with our other treats. I lifted the lid to find mushed squares splattered on four sides of the container. It was like a murder scene but with chocolate.

     “Oh, I love brownies! Thank you Katie,” said my mom as she barged into the kitchen trying to shove a brownie in my mouth or what seemed like pudding.

     “Yea, she bakes all the time,” said my brother as he placed his arm around her.

     Roberts’s eyes gleamed as he stared into her eyes. His cheeks slowly turned into a pinkish hue as she kissed his nose. I wanted to throw up, but it wasn’t my place to say anything.

     “Maybe I’ll get to like her,” I whispered to myself.

     I took another look and found them cuddling on the couch on my seat. Katie started whispering into his ear and turned to find me staring. She looked upset as if I just walked in on them. She looked away and slightly pointed at me confused as if she found a strange animal in the room.

     “Maybe, not.”

     We all gathered around the kitchen trying out her brownies. My younger brother came downstairs, spotted them and grabbed one but the chocolate meshed all over his hand. I broke out in laughter as I saw his confused face wondering what just happened.

     “What is this,” Thomas said as he tried to hold his composure.

     “They’re supposed to be brownies but now, it just looks like pudding,” Katie said as she tried to control her laughter.

     Our eyes met but she averted her gaze to the tile floor. She was hiding something. I leaned against the counter sipping my tea as I watched Robert urging her to do something but I didn’t know what. She set her brownie down and measured her steps carefully as if she were approaching the devil.

     “Oh, Kathy I have something for you since I know you love anime.”

     My brows furred out of confusion wondering why she would have anything for me. Katie took out a long poster that was at least the size of my dad’s flat screen TV. It was framed with black handles that were inscribed with Japanese writing. I looked at her and felt a warm sensation in my heart and my lips creased into a smile.

     “Why would you get me this? I thought you didn’t like me?”

     “It’s hard for me to meet new people and I get very intimidated,” she said averting her gaze.

     “I want us to be closer as friends and sisters.”