The Forinash family


Amber Robinson, Business Manager

     Coming from a family of eight, junior Eric Forinash is no stranger to the idea of a large family. Forinash has four older brothers, Alan, Brian, Chris and David, and one younger sister, Faith.  

     “My parents said that at first, they didn’t realize we were going to be named in alphabetical order,” Forinash said. “After David was born, they said they just knew they had to keep up the ‘tradition.’”

     Being part of a large family has given Forinash the opportunity to take on more responsibilities, like caring for his sister.

     “When my brothers were still at home, we used to take turns watching out her,” Forinash said. “Now that my sister and I are the only ones, I’ve had to do a lot  more for her than I used to. It’s become my job to make sure she’s happy.”

     Currently, only two of the six Forinash siblings are still living at home. The four oldest siblings are off at college.

     “There’s always been a family rivalry when it comes to colleges,” Forinash said. “Two of my brothers went to Texas A&M, and my brother David is the Drum Major at the University of Texas now.”

     Although Forinash’s older brothers are no longer at home, he said they are still very close.

     “There was this one moment that I’ll never forget,” Forinash said. “When Brian and David were younger, we would make Google calendar events to play Halo Three together. Brian would jokingly send us event invitations that would say things like ‘What: Halo Three tournament. When: 2 a.m. Where: Two feet in front of the television screen.’ It’s really weird, but we all thought it was hilarious. The only time we’re all together anymore is around Christmas. It’s like we’re one big family again.”

     With his brothers off at college, Forinash said that he has become much closer with his sister.

     “Occasionally we’ll play baseball together with our friends,” Forinash said. “She’ll be on a team with her friends, and I’ll be on the other team with my friends.”

     Forinash said that he would love to have a family the size of his.

     “I’ve seen how a family like that can function,” Forinash said. “It works for my family, and I would love to have kids that are as close to their siblings as I am to mine.”