“Bridesmaids” Review

Elena Nelson, Staff Writer

     I know what you’re thinking. “Not another lame chick flick, with the same old storyline”, but don’t let the movie title deceive you. With a title like ‘bridesmaids’ you’d think this movie would be the equivalent to any recent lovey-dovey wedding flick, where boy meets girl, then boy marries girl. This movie is exactly the opposite. If I could compare it to any other recent film I’d say it’s most like The Hangover; they are both wedding movies, and just about everything that could possibly go wrong goes wrong.

     This movie is about relationships. The bridesmaid-to-be just left her recent relationships, or lack there of, and the bride-to-be was just proposed to. They meet to discuss both of their recent dilemmas. Lillian (Maya Rudolf) asks her best friend Annie (Kristen Wiig) to be her bridesmaid in her upcoming wedding.

     This movie is a perfect display of how competitive women can be when it comes to men. Annie and Lillian’s other bridesmaid, Helen, get into brawls throughout the entire film. Both of them put their differences aside to participate in their close friend Lillian’s big day. The real message that the director is trying to capture is that Annie is more than happy for her best friend, but is terrified inside of being left behind and alone.

     If you were expecting this movie to be another ‘Sex In The City’ replica then you’re in for a surprise. Yes, it has all the drama that ‘Sex In The City’ contains along with comedy, romance, and overall, a deeper meaning. This movie won’t disappoint you. If you come across some extra cash and find some free time on your hands, go see Bridesmaids.