Ice Cream Review

Madison McDaniel, Staff Writer

Ben and Jerry’s

The One you go to if you’re Feeling Daring

     As soon as I walk in, the smell of freshly made waffle cones takes over my senses and all of a sudden it doesn’t bother me that I’m paying a ridiculous amount for a single scoop of ice cream. Yes, the prices are pretty high for those of us students who like to keep some extra change in our pockets, but the flavors that Ben and Jerry’s provides are pretty hard to beat. Whether it’s my personal favorite, Half Baked, or other popular flavors like Cherry Garcia and Brownie Batter, you really can’t go wrong with whatever you are buying. With ninety-nine flavors of ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet to chose from, Ben and Jerry’s is sure to find a flavor that will match anyone’s buzzing sweet tooth. The atmosphere in Ben and Jerry’s is a little overwhelming at first, due to the bright walls and busy décor, but it is the laidback and helpful service that gives the quaint but successful ice cream shop all of its personality. Not only do the products and venue look appetizing, due to their three part mission statement, this 30- year- old company is set on making the finest products out of natural and wholesome ingredients all while satisfying every customer.

4/5 Scoops

Braum’s Ice Cream and Dairy Store

The Best Bang for your Buck

     As a little girl I remember visiting Braum’s after school on a report card day. My mom would take me to celebrate with my brother and I would always get the same thing: peppermint ice cream. Although, I am a creature of habit and tend to get the same flavor every time I go out for ice cream, at Braum’s I feel like I can branch out and try something new without feeling like I’ve wasted a ton of money. Due to the inexpensive prices, I can choose more than one flavor and buy almost three times as much at Braum’s for less than what I could buy for one ice cream cone at Ben and Jerry’s. That way, as I am always personally trying to scrounge up my next five bucks from the bottom of my purse, I can still manage to have a few bucks left over. The best part about Braum’s is their traditional setting and comfort of the store. The founder Bill Braum started his company in the sixties so you are always guarantee to feel secure in whatever you buy comes fresh and delicious from Braum’s own farms and ranches. Although they don’t carry “exotic” flavors like Ben and Jerry’s, Braum’s offers the classic and homemade flavors that, no matter what, will never steer you wrong.

4.5/5 Scoops


The One that Everyone Forgets

     Being the largest ice cream franchise in the world, you would think that the quirky name of Baskin Robbin’s would send anyone’s taste buds into a frenzy, but I personally did not find their ice cream to live up to my expectations. The setting, although bright and inviting, left me feeling a bit stressed after being pressed to the counter by a group of chattering preteens who had come to celebrate the victory of a soccer game. The atmosphere was noisy which lead the service to be rushed and floundering for orders. Although the wait was stressful, my choice of ice cream was pretty tasty. It wasn’t as delicious as Ben and Jerry’s or as inexpensive as Braum’s but the flavor I chose, strawberry cheesecake, was mostly satisfying to a sugar addict like myself. 

3/5 Scoops

Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream

The Star on the Rise

     In the world of ice cream, Henry’s would be considered the kid of the family; not entirely new to society but still trying to get the hang of things. Henry’s new location has seemed to start becoming quite the hot spot for nightly chilly treats. Serving at restaurants mostly, Henry’s has relocated to a better venue off of Independence, making it one of the easiest ice cream shops to access during lunch or after school. Compared to their last location which was quite grimy and a bit outdated, calling the new location an upgrade is quite an understatement. The atmosphere is much more homey and clean and the service is impeccable. Supporting our students, it will come as no surprise if you recognize a familiar face or two the next time you stop by. The employees at Henry’s were very patient in helping my friends and I find just the right flavor for each of our own tastes. After collecting about a dozen tiny spoons, we all finally landed on the flavor, Peanut Butter Burst, not too sweet, not too bland, but just right. Overall, the prices were affordable, the service was wonderful and the quality of these frozen treats proved that Henry’s Ice Cream really does make you prettier.

4/5 Scoops