Heroes incognito


Four seniors have been selected to attend the Military Academies next year. To find out who they are and to read the rest of the stories follow the links below.

By Alyssa Matesic Far left
The Letter arrived on the last day of fall exams. Her grandpa, who enlisted himself when he first came to America from Germany, and her dad were ecstatic. Her mom wasn’t physically there to shate the moment, but she had helped inspire it all.
“I hope to be a little bit more disciplined and more of a team player with this because it’s really a group effort through the whole academy.”
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By Dani Sureck Middle left
Soon to be a second deneration attendee of West Point, she will train to become a military officer on the same campus as her father.
“The students at West Point were not only more mature, but I could feel that they all lived with a purpose.”
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By Kathy Santiago Middle right
Being a Navy Seal is known to be physically and mentally demanding training in the military and he is up for the challenge.
“It drives me to do something special and be important part of our country. Sitting in an office for a few years makes me feel like I just doing stuff for myself instead of helping others. Once I am a Navy Seal, I’ll be helping everybody and not just myself.”
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By Jessica Allman Far right
She said she didnt always have dreams of entering the Cost Guard post-graudation.
“As a kid I expected to grow up and go to UT like all of my friends. But I’ve always wanted to give back and once I looked into the Coast Guard Acadamy I knew it was a good opportunity for me. I figured I’d be crazy not to go.”
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