Ingrid Michaelson – Everybody

Jamie Denison, Staff Writer

Lyrics of lust, loss, and the ability to survive through everything bring Ingrid Michaelson’s latest album, “Everybody”, to the hearts of many. Michaelson has an irresistible voice that gets songs like “Maybe” and “The Chain” stuck in heads all day. Michaelson is well known for her light hearted, catchy songs as well as composing all her own material. People Magazine says the album “floats along on a cloud of joy…” with all the unique qualities she brings. Her acoustic and piano styles have matured tremendously from her previous compositions such as “Giving Up” and “Oh What a Day”. Although the overall theme of this album is love, it has many other components that make “Everybody” one of the top albums on iTunes. Ingrid Michaelson has the perfect blend of spunky, upbeat, and happy to make people smile when they listen to her songs.