Lou Barlow – Goodnight Unknown

Trina Carpenter, Features Editor

Lo-fi pioneer Lou Barlow’s second album Goodnight Unknown sounds like a mixture between his work in Sebadoh and the Folk Implosion. The album starts up with a bang from tracks “Sharing” and “Goodnight Unknown” that bring out classic Barlow with the washed-out vocals accompanied by the electricity of the guitar. However, the CD is like a roller coaster as the next few songs go down to softer, acoustic guitar for a sound more like his first solo album, Emoh. After Lou serenades to someone unknown, “you’re the only one I fall apart for” (“The One I Call”), the album goes back up to with the pop rock beat of “The Right”. Lou concludes the album softly by promising “what we did won’t be what we’re remembered for” (“One Note Tone”), but if you don’t remember Lou for his previous works you’ll be reminded again of his ability to suck in his audience with his poetic lyrics and lo-fi sound after listening to Goodnight Unknown. This album is sure to please Lou’s fans, and for those who aren’t already fans, it’s a good place to start.