“When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes” Album Review

Jessica Yee, Staff Writer

     Yellowcard is back and strong as ever after an anticipated wait for them to release their seventh album after finishing their hiatus in 2008-2010. Fans have been waiting months for the punk and alternative rock band Yellowcard’s newest record, When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes as soon as it was announced, and now it is finally here.

     When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes, title inspired by lead vocalist Ryan Key, is bound to satisfy regular listeners who have been following their news and updates with all the familiar melodies and sounds of Yellowcard’s music style. Some of tracks are even giving out more passionate feelings to the audience than previous albums as the band is once again active now and ready to put on some great shows.

     Even if you’re not a typical Yellowcard listener, their voices and sounds may pull you in after a listen or two if you’re looking for good rock music. You may even find yourself singing along to their heart filled lyrics.

     If their striking guitar melodies, deep bass lines, or pounding drum beats are not enough for alternative rock or Yellowcard fans, the acoustic version of “Sing For Me” is great listens for classic acoustic guitars Yellowcard style. The band’s acoustic song gives a nice break from the loud volume of rock melodies for those that are not particularity fond of punk or alternative in the first place.    

     In “For You and Your Denial”, the song is introduced with a smooth violin solo before transitioning to guitar that still fits the image of punk rock. One of the tracks, “Hang You Up”, has also been recently premiered as a music video on MTV networks, giving the song and the band more great chances to be heard. 

     One down point to the album is that one of the bonus tracks on the list, “Promises”, was only available to purchase by pre-ordering. Listeners can find the song “Promises” on YouTube or possibly other MP3 websites. If you can’t buy any of the songs but want to hear what Yellowcard has to offer, YouTube is bound to have all the tracks available to listen to that are all great.                                                           

     A good quality I enjoy about listening to Yellowcard is that their lyrics typically contain mild or practically no profanities. I have no problems with listening to the lyrics, and I do not just mean by the typical description of music that it sounds good no matter what the lyrics are. The lead vocalist Ryan Key writes all of the song lyrics, and most of them would definitely have some type of passionate meaning in the words.                                                         

     “Sing For Me” is personally my favorite track of the album. The intro is less of sudden guitar popping melodies like some of the other tracks, with the melody building up as the song progresses, and is not overwhelming with heavy guitar sounds but still just as good. I am not saying Yellowcard is bad for their guitar popping intros, every listener could be different. I personally find it easier to listen when there is not a whole lot of loud guitar screaming out of my speakers.                         

     If you’ve enjoyed listening to When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes, other popular albums by Yellowcard to check out would be Ocean Avenue, Lights and Sounds, and Paper Walls.