Homecoming King Nominee: Preston Duncan

Jessica Allman, Staff Writer

Q: What clubs are you involved in?

A: “I’m in FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athlete’s). I’m a senior leader. I love it because I’m with kids that share the same faith as me. We all take time out of our day early in the morning to come together and talk about God.”

 Q: Do you play any sports?

A: “I play lacrosse. I’ve played since freshman year. I really like it because it’s fast paced and fun.”

 Q: What college would you like to attend?

A: “I want to go to UNT. My sister goes there, and it’s really just an awesome school.”

 Q: What do you want to major in?

A: “I want to major in business. I’ve always had an interest in the business aspect of the world.”

 Q: Why do you think you were elected to be on Homecoming court?

A: “I think I represent the student body pretty well. Wait…. I’m on Homecoming court?”