Kelly Looney, Editor in Chief

Science fiction is not my forte, so when my boyfriend pleaded me to sit down and watch a TV show with him, I was immediately annoyed. He had been talking of nothing but a new show on ABC, FlashForward. I had never even heard of it, but I heard that it was created by the founders of another hit science fiction/ thriller, Lost.
As soon as the first episode, ‘No More Good Days’ kicked off, though, I was hooked. The show drops you in the middle of the action with the main character, who is caught underneath a burning car. Pretty intense for the first two seconds of a brand new TV show. The episode continues on for another 45 minutes, diving into the world phenomenon that is responsible for the chaos in the opening scene- everyone, everywhere, blacked out at the exact same time for the exact same time length. Catastrophe struck.

While everyone was blacked out, they all had hyper-real dreams, which are actually glimpses of their futures. Everyone’s ‘flash forwards’ all jumped ahead in time to the same date and time (the writers also accounted for time zones, so no loopholes there.). The rest of the season is dedicated to piecing together all of these ‘flash forwards’ to find the solution as to why this mass blackout occurred, and who or what is responsible, and if another is on its way.

FlashForward is a thrilling and suspenseful science fiction mystery that is full of surprises and plot twists in only six episodes. The actors are not overly dramatic, and some of the more emotional scenes are played very well, which has moved me to fall in love with the characters involved. Each episode so far has seamlessly molded to flow into the previous and next, so the whole series has seemed like one big episode. This series will hopefully continue to survive its Thursday night slot on ABC.