The Hangover Part II

Dayna Gettel, Staff Writer

     The common generality that sequels are never as good as the first movie is, unfortunately, supported by The Hangover Part II. The jokes, the scenes, and even the characters can’t be compared to the original Hangover’s humor and wit.

      The gang is back as crazy, and ready to party, as ever. However, throughout the entire movie I could predict what was going to happen, due to the fact that the movie was based so much on the first one. They were so similar, in fact, that when I was watching the “Part II”, I could relate almost every scene to something that happened in the first.

     I went into the movie with such high expectations that I realized a few scenes into the movie I was forcing laughter on “humor” that wasn’t very funny. The movie started fairly slowly in the beginning, with not very many jokes, and didn’t really start up until half way through when the main characters’ actual problem began.

     The main problem for me with The Hangover Part II is the amount of nudity present. Although it is rated R, so nudity is acceptable, the majority of it seemed to be unnecessary and not funny at all. The amount of nude scenes could have been cut in half, and would have still gotten the point the directors wanted to get across.

     The extremely funny parts of the movie were surprisingly the parts that didn’t contribute to the movie’s R rating, but were just funny things said by the characters about each other or the situations they got themselves into.

     Overall, The Hangover Part II had its funny moments, but mirrored The Hangover to such an extent that there was little originality in the new movie.