My definition of great television

Yeesoo Lee, Staff Writer

Fall Premieres

Charlie’s Angels:

     Really, ABC, really? You guys seriously botched this one up. I was willing to be a little more adventurous this time and give the show a chance. But it’s like the world was signing to me that I should just stick to good television. From start to finish, I was filled with pure boredom. Basically, what I saw was a plethora of crime show clichés and poor taste in background music, not to mention horrible acting. It’s like the producers pulled people off the sidewalk and thrust them in front of the camera with scripts. I was neither convinced nor entertained in the slightest way. I mean, a dang car blows up and all they can say is “did that car just blow up?”  Charlie’s Angels shows little originality, novelty and tension. The future doesn’t seem too bright for Charlie’s Angels.

New Girl:

     From the minute New Girl aired, I was pulled into the world of awkward, sarcastic and witty hilarity. I made an instant connection with the protagonist, Jess. Her inability to be normal, rational, and to move on literally made me feel like my name was Jess and my life had been turned into a show. When she was “sing-talking”, I just thought to myself, “that’s me!” That’s the kind of feeling a great and promising show should make viewers feel. This television show portrays the “awkward Jess” that we all have in us. We all root for her, and we want her to win. It’s realistic and fresh. I predict that viewers will continue to root for New Girl and that the show will “sing-talk” its way to a dazzling future.


Returning Shows


     Gleeks, it’s back! And it’s even better than before. I was already content with the fact that “Glee” was coming back. But the song choices and story blew me away. Glee  season three focuses back on the main characters and tribute songs rather than on guest stars and drama between minor characters. The past season had started turning into a boring cycles of Finnchel’s tragic never ending love story and Kurt’s ongoing inner conflicts of his sexual orientation. I had been hoping for season three to really get back on track and go back to the music, the amazing vocals that had made me fall in love with the show. And thank the high heavens the producers and writers thought the same. This season has already started off with a different powerful and lyrical start. Don’t stop believing’ Gleeks because it doesn’t seem like Glee will be slowing down for anything this time. 

Hawaii Five-0:

     Aloha makamaka, hello friends! When the first season of  Hawaii Five-O ended earlier this year, there were just so many loose ends that needed to be tied and questions that needed to be answered. Hawaii Five-O is a crime drama that takes place in… you guessed it, Hawaii! The exotic, breathtaking views and Hawaiian culture tied with very attractive *cough Alex O’Loughlin cough* crime fighting cops simply cannot get better. The center of Hawaii Five-O is the actual law enforcement team, Hawaii Five-O. And Hawaii Five- O does its job. The team and show present viewers with action packed episodes full of suspense, drama and comedy. Hawaii Five-O seems like it’ll be surfing with smooth waves for a while. Honestly, with a cast of actors that do their jobs that well and look that hot, there’s no chance that season two won’t be attracting more viewers and turning a couple of heads. Malama pono, take care!