“2 Broke Girls” Review

Diva Gulati, Online Editor-in-Chief

When I first started watching CBS’s new show, 2 Broke Girls, I thought it was hilarious. Now that I’ve gotten the chance to watch a few more episodes, I wish I still thought the same thing.

The show revolves around the developing friendship between two girls. There’s Max, the sarcastic, street-smart waitress. And then there’s Caroline, the blond, Ivy League educated ex-heiress who is forced to work at the same diner as Max to make a living.

Yes, the show is funny, but it’s the kind of funny that gets annoying after a while. There’s a lot of innuendo in every episode, and there’s some stereotypical race humor, as well. After the first two episodes, I was really bored of the same actors making repetitive jokes. 2 Broke Girls lacks the classy, subtle humor, which I find more enjoyable. It’s not funny when I hear jokes about how “un-hip” the Asian character is in every episode. Add the laugh track and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

On top of that, the show never really seems to go anywhere. In the first episode, Max and Caroline decide to save up money to open a cupcakery, but that’s all that happened. There’s never a major turn of events. Each episode focuses on something random and it seems as if their goal is a minor subplot. Sure, there’s a tally at the end of each episode that shows how much money the girls have saved up so far, but they never even shows them actively working towards saving enough money.

Everything about this show gets more dull and repetitive each time I watch it. The settings switch back and forth between the diner the girls work at and the apartment the girls live in (although they go out every now and then). The clothes they wear are usually their work uniforms, and the jokes are consistently boring. I am surprised that 2 Broke Girls got enough positive feedback to stay on television, because I know that I will no longer be wasting 30 minutes of my Monday nights to watch it.