Kermit the Frog is back for more: The Muppets review

Dani Sureck, Staff Writer

     The Muppets make a comeback after 12 years in their cheesy musical movie, emphasizing the power of friendship. The
appearance of celebrities and a new plot add a fresh twist to the adventure.

     Walter (voice of Peter Linz) believes himself to be the biggest Muppets fan. When he visits The Muppets studio in California with his brother Gary (Jason Segel) and his brother’s girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams), he learns that a businessman (Chris Cooper) plans on demolishing the studio to drill oil. Walter finds Kermit the Frog and together they round up the old gang to put on a show to raise 10 million dollars to save the studio.

     While the adults are reminiscing on their childhoods, children are staying interested in this movie with the songs and dancing. The movie features familiar themes like Miss Piggy’s love for Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear’s dull
jokes and how amity can solve almost any conflict presented (an unrealistic idea that is popular in most children’s movies).

     The actors were cast almost perfectly. Gary is the loving brother who always puts his brother before
himself. It shows true brotherly love and warms the heart. Mary is an important character because she adds conflict to the story when with Gary and Walter. Conversely, Jack Black’s character (played as him) is a strong-tempered man who gets kidnapped to host the show. Black’s character is too over done in the sense that screaming every line he has becames tiresome.

     The sets and special effects used are realistic. The backdrops used for the scenes fit the mood that was being created (a sunny day during the happy moments and a dark night when someone was sad). The details on each Muppet are impressive. Each one looked as if it is really talking and the precise features make each character stand out, like Miss Piggy’s eye shadow or the way she rolls her eyes.

     This movie is well put together with the special effects, humor and romance. The return of the Muppets may be oneof the most exciting things as far as 2011 movies go because of the connections with each character from loving them all these years.