‘It’s Elementary, my dear Watson’: Review of CBS show “Elementary”


Photo from imdb.com

Kaitlin Humphrey, Staff Writer

     Mystery, attention to detail and deductive reasoning make up the basis of the new CBS show “Elementary”. Putting a modern twist on the classic characters of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, the show premiered on Sept. 27 at 9 p.m.

     Although the plot is highly predictable, the character of Sherlock Holmes is exceedingly intriguing. Played by Johnny Lee Miller, the modern Sherlock Holmes is a recovering drug and alcohol addict who is accompanied by his sobriety companion, Dr. Watson. Sherlock Holmes shows striking similarities to The Mentalist’s Patrick Jane, with his knack of reasoning and lack of sensitivity towards others.  Sherlock Holmes’ deductive reasoning is the backbone of the mystery drama.

     Dr. Watson, now a female, is played by Lucy Liu. The change of Dr. Watson’s gender put an increasingly awkward strain on Watson and Holmes’ relationship. “Do you believe in love at first sight?” are the first words Sherlock utters to Watson. Although somewhat of a fake introduction, the words could foreshadow a different, more romantic relationship between Sherlock and Watson in coming episodes.

     The pilot episode lacked a unique storyline and entertained no twists and turns. The plot could be seen in hundreds of different drama series. The acting itself, however, could come to be the main draw of the show. The intensity and depth of the portrayed characters outshined the predictable plot.   

     The opening scene of “Elementary” is shocking with its violence that alludes to a murder. Later in the show the victim of the violence is shown in a grotesque position, dead with bruises around her neck.  The graphic images may not be suitable to all, especially those with uneasy stomachs.  

     The stage of “Elementary” is lackluster, but the dark colors set a gloomy mood, perfect for a mystery. Set in New York City, there are limited changes in sceneries between Holmes’ home, the crime scene and the police department.    

     Other shows such as Fox’s “House”, which spawned from the character of Sherlock Holmes, have had undeniable success.  With a stronger storyline “Elementary” is sure to be a hit with mature audiences.